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Increase Your Adsense Earnings - Blending Ads Template

From my own experience and observation, most people tend not to click on ads if they know that it's an advertisement, even if they know they won't lose anything when they click. Therefore, in order to increase number of clicks, you have to modify your ads so visitors won't recognize them as ads. The trick is to blend your Adsense ads so that they look exactly like the written text in your article. Actually, I have already mentioned this in my previous post, but this post will break the trick down into more detail. Here is how it works...

1. Since it's not always possible to make your ads blend into your blog's background, it is recommended that you choose the white background for your blog, and then adjust your ads background to white color as well. In this case, white and white blend perfectly.

2. Some bloggers suggest that you place your ads higher up in order to attract your visitors' attention. Based on my experience, however, placing ads in between your posts works much better. That is because in that case visitors won't notice that ads are ads.

3. Even better, place the ads between the post and the post's title. To do this, write and publish a post without post title. Then, create another post with just the post title but without content/article. After you have finished, view your blog and see how amazing it is when you, yourself, don't recognize ads as ads!

P.S: In case you don't know how to place the ads between your posts, go to Layout --> Add Page Elements --> Edit Posts --> Place ads between posts.

Increase Your Adsense Earnings - 9 Factors Influencing Your Adsense Revenues

In order to make the most profit out of Adsense, you should be aware of 9 factors that affect Adsense payout.

1. How much traffic your site gets
2. How many pages on your site host AdSense ads
3. What the click thru rate from each page is
4. What the value of each click is
5. How many ads appear on each page
6. Where these ads are located
7. What format these ads are in - size, location, layout and color scheme
8. Google's fractional pay out rate
9. How much of your site's traffic is from new as opposed to repeat visitors

To maximise your site's profits from AdSense you ideally should optimize all these factors. However, one is entirely out of your control: Google's fractional payout rate. This is the percentage of the revenue that Google earns from a click that it passes on to you. However I'm going to cover all the ones you can influence here for you.

1. Getting more site traffic
Getting more traffic is an art and a science. The best traffic is traffic that comes from search engines because it is free and because people who come to your site from a search engine are actively looking for things, they are not casually browsing around. They have a search mission in their head.

2. Increasing the number of pages that host AdSense ads
This is easy. You just paste the code that Google gives you to activate AdSense into all the pages you want. Google lets you use a range of different formats for ads and you don't need to use the same format on every page. In fact you can change the color scheme, shape and size of the ads on each page.

3. Increasing the click thru rate from your page
What you can't do is place big bold words around the ads saying "Click these ads to make me some money". In fact you are not allowed to say anything on your site that will actively encourage clicks. However, what you can do is write copy on your site that makes the products or services being advertised become more interesting to the reader.

4. Increasing the value per click (Read my previous post for more detail)
The way to do this is to increase the quantity and quality of information on your site related to products and services that are of high commercial value on the internet. This is not as simple as thinking, for example, that jewellery is a high ticket item, therefore you should write a page about jewellery because not that much jewellery is sold online. You really need to spot high profit items that sell well over the internet because these are things that advertisers will pay a lot to advertise. If they pay a lot to advertise, the likelihood is that any related AdSense ads will come with a high click through price. What you can and should do is think laterally about what topics are related to your site that have a commercial value. You run a site about bird-watching, then host some travel pages about how to get to bird-watchers' paradise on a far away Pacific Island. These will probably show travel ads which will give you a reasonably good pay out - and just as importantly they will be relevant to your visitor and so will enhance the overall experience he / she gets from your site, so they'll come back again.

5. Optimising how many ads appear on your page
Google now provides 6 different ad formats. One format allows you to post just a single ad on your site, one allows 5 ads and most allow 4 that read from right to left, or from top to bottom.
Guess what? If you choose the format that shows up 5 ads, you will probably get more clicks than if you show 1. It is not necessarily true, but it usually is.

6. Optimising the location of the ads
People tend to read from left to right and the eye is trained to do this early on in life (actually some people read the other way round but not English language readers.) They also read from top to bottom. This process lays emphasis on ads at the beginning and end of a page so don't place them in the middle, unless they blend them to look more or less like your written text. If your ads looks alike your text, readers tend not to put away their attention from the ads. In this case, it is more likely that they click on the ads either voluntarily or involuntarily.

7. Selecting the best format for these ads

With a range of formats available, your first decision is to see which format will fit best into your existing website design. Google lets you choose a vast range of color options.

8. How much of your site's traffic is from new as opposed to repeat visitors
People new to your site will be new to the ads on your site. Generally speaking, people often respond to ads once they've seen them a few times but if they don't at that stage, they probably never will. So your ideal traffic is people who visit your pages a few times. If your site gets endless repeat visitors you should expect your revenues to peak shortly after you implement AdSense and then decline over time - unless you take active steps to generate more traffic.

Increase Your Adsense Earnings - 99 Highest Paying Keywords

Incorporating high paying keywords into your site is critical to maximizing your income. Who has the time to figure it all out? The secret is revealed! Here are 99 keywords you can use with payouts averaging $2-$75 per click, with the first one being the highest paying keyword/niche.

1. Structured settlements
2. Mesothelioma
3. Acne
4. Life Insurance
5. Death Insurance
6. Bextra
7. Asbestos
8. Car Insurance
9. Dental Plans
10. Private Jets
11. Debt Consolidation
12. Credit Cards
13. Rewards Cards
14. Equity Loans
15. Equity Line Credit
16. Loans
17. Mortgages
18. Pay Day Loans
19. Cash Advance
20. Bankruptcy
21. Reduce Debt
22. Refinance
23. Jet Charter
24. Vioxx
25. Wrongful death
26. Legal Advice
27. Taxes
28. Investing
29. Bonds
30. Online Trading
31. IRA Rollover
32. Refinance Quotes
33. Adult Education
34. Distance Learning
35. Alcohol Treatment
36. Rehab
37. Drug Rehab
38. Spyware
39. Cell Phone Plans
40. Calling Cards
41. VOIP
42. Weight Loss
43. Canadian Pharmacy
44. Depression
45. Spam Filter
46. Lasik
47. Facelift
48. Teeth Whitening
49. Annuity
50. Anti Virus Protection
51. Adult Diaper
52. Free Credit Report
53. Credit Score
54. Satellite
55. Anti Spam Software
56. Dedicated Hosting
57. Domain Name
58. Need Money
59. Bachelor Degree
60. Master Degree
61. Doctorate Degree
62. Work at Home
63. Quick Book
64. Extra Money
65. Eloan
66. Malpractice Lawyer
67. Lenox China
68. Cancer
69. Payperclick
70. Personal Injury Attorney
71. Lexington Law
72. Video Conferencing
73. Transfer Money
74. Windstar Cruise
75. Casinos Online
76. Term Life
77. Online Banking
78. Borrow Money
79. Low Interest Credit Cards
80. Personal Domain Name
81. Cellular Phone Rental
82. Internet Broker
83. Trans Union
84. Cheap Hosting
85. University Degrees Online
86. Online Marketing
87. Consolidate
88. Helpdesk Software
89. Web Host
90. Homeowner's Insurance
91. Yellow Page Advertising
92. Travel Insurance
93. Register Domain
94. Credit Counseling
95. Email Hosting
96. Business Credit
97. Consumer Credit
98. Blue Cross
99. Laptop Computer

It is, however, not recommended that you try to write about these highest paying keywords, unless you are the expert in the subject(s). Otherwise, Google will figure out that you just copy and paste the textual contents from other web sites or blogs into your own blog.

The actual payouts vary depending on which PPC program you belong to and on the amount that has been bid per click by advertisers.

Increase Your Adsense Earnings - Profitable "niche"

What is a niche?

Niche is a very specific topic that a publisher would write about. Niche is a focus on popular, reader-demanding keywords. In other words, a niche is something that most people want to know, to read about, to use, and/or to buy.

How do I know which niche to write about?

First, think about your own expertise. Are you an expert in any specific field or subject? Of course, you don't have to be an expert in economics, health, or politics! Something like "How to capture a good picture" can also be a niche if you find that many people are interested in reading about this.

Okay, now that you have come up with a list of what you are good at, you have to know which ones of your talents will produce the most profits. Check to see whether your talents (prospective niches) are worth writing about or not. In the site I just recomended, you will see the Keyword Search Tool. Write your talent/keyword in the box provided and click submit query. Then wait and see the result which, for example, looks like this:

Data for "digital camera" as a niche

Cost / click = $ 1.24
Clicks / day =20973
Cost / day = $ 26007

This data is of course from successful professonal bloggers, so beginners like us may not have so many clicks per day. However, in this example you can see that if you write about digital camera, the Ads that you display in you blog will accordingly be relevant to digital camera and you will earn around 1.24 USD per click from your ads. Then you can decide whether this niche is worth writing about or not. However, only the good clicks will bring you income; the bad ones won't or only pay you a few cents. What I mean by "good clicks" is that those clicks are made from various IP addresses and with page impressions.

Increase Your Adsense Earnings - Making the best out of Adsense offers

In order to increase your Adsense revenues, you have to understand and use all Adsense offers. These offers include Adsense for content, Adsense for search and Adsense for referrals.

1. Adsense for content
- Ad units : contain either text ads, image ads, or both. The ads are targeted to the content of your page using contextual and placement targeting
- Link units : display a list of topics that are relevant to your page. When users click a topic, they're brought to a page of related ads

With Adsense for content, your revenues are calculated on the basis of Pay Per Click.

2. Adsense for search
It ffers your users site search or web search while earning revenue from ads relevant to their search terms. That means if your readers do some search in the search box of Google provided by adsense and they will be led to a search result page which displays their search result together with some Adsense Ads and if they somehow click on any one of the Adsense ads, you will also get paid by google on the basis of PPC.

3. Referrals
Earn more by referring users to useful products and services provided by Google or Google's partners. When your readers click on the ads and sign up or use the products/services from the ads, Google pays you accordingly.

The best thing is the have all of these Adsense offers in your blog/site. To use all these offers, sign into you adsense account (If you don't have one yet, read my previous blog on "How to start Google Adsense") --> Adsense setup --> Get Ads. Then you will see a list of the 3 offers.

How to start Google Adsense

The easiest and fastest way to make money online is from your blog. Create a specific blog with interesting content called "Niche". A niche is a very specific subject that attracts more and more traffic/visitors to your blog. After creating a blog with a good niche, you can now start making money with your blog with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a Google's program which, upon the publishers' choice, but mostly pays the blog publishers on the basis of Costs-Per-Click (CPC). That means Google will display Ads on your blog and when visitors view your blog, find any ads attracting and click on the ads, you will get paid! That's it.

Step 1
Create a blog with a good Niche. (If you don't have a blog yet and don't know how to create one, you can watch a video demonstration on how to create a blog at

Step 2
Go to Google Adsense and sign up an account there. You need your blog URL (address) to sign up. After you have signed up, wait for an approving e-mail from Google. Google then starts crawling to your site and view your content and if Google finds your content good for its ads (advertisements), you will be sent an e-mail confirming that you have been accepted to Google Adsense program.

Step 3
Okay, now sign into your blog. Then go to Layout --> Page elements --> Add page elements --> Add Google Adsense. After you add Google Adsense, you need to configure it to suit with the available space on your web page. Then choose the blend template because it makes your Google Ads look as if they were your articles too. Why choose blend template? Because most viewers tend not to click on ads if they know it's an advertisement. I don't know why either.

Now, view your blog and see whether the ads fit well in your blog background. It is proved by Google that the best location to display your Google Adsence Ads is between your posts so that they look more or less like your article texts. To do this, go to Layout --> Page Elements --> Click on Edit Blog Posts --> Click on Show Ads between posts.

Step 4
Now that you have Google Ads on your blog, you can expect to earn money from clicks. But, where can you get those clicks? Well, that's not an easy task to complete, though. You might have your own techniques of making your blog popular. My own experience is that I send out personal e-mail and use Yahoo! answer . The first technique doesn't seem to work well since i don't want to bother most of my friends and family with my own business. But, if you're braver than me, do it. It might work better than when i did it. However, the second technique does work! I spend half and hour a day answering question in Yahoo! Answer and leave a link to my blog at the end of my answer. This way, I got many backlinks from Yahoo! And, that's how i get my blog indexed and more traffic.

1. You can NOT write any words to prompt or encourage the viewers to click on any ads! Google will cancel your membership if you do so. You will only get paid if the visitors voluntarily and willingly click on Google ads.
2. Do not attempt to click your blog's ads by yourself or ask anyone to do so for you. Google has a sophisticated detecting system that can trace its members' activities on blogs and ads.

Introduction to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of Google's programs which play a role as intermediary among advertisers, publishers, and customers or audience.

- Advertisers are generally companies that wish to advertise their products or services.

-Publishers are bloggers or other website owners that wish to display the advertisers' ads on their blogs/webs and get paid monthly or via PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

-Customers or audience are web or blog readers who may find the ads interesting and are willing to click on the ads.

Google Adsense earns from advertisers and pays to publishers for their web/blog traffic or ads display.

Based on my experience and research, I can recommend that Google AdSense is one of the most popular and effective sources of income online. First, It's simple to use and its terms and conditions are acceptable. Second, It has the most numerous varieties of ads for bloggers to display on their blogs. And last but not least, its payment plan does motivate bloggers or publishers and continue writing and posting more articles.

How much will I earn?

On average, Google pays you between 3 to 10 U.S cents per click. But, it depends on which ads the viewers click on. Some ads even pay you up to 75 USD per click. Yes, that's 75 USD per click!!! But, the thing is that we are not the one to decide which ads to place on our blog. It's Goolge's job to do so. To get higher paid clicks, concentrate on more hightly paid NICHE, about which you can read more in the upcoming posts. This blog you are viewing is actually one of the lowest paid PPC (Pay-Per-Click) blogs. Then, why am I spending so much time with this blog? To share this opportunity with you is my major purpose of creating this blog.

Ready to start? Good luck!Leave me some comments if you find my article useful or if you have any questions to ask me. And, do e-mail your new blog to me so that I can help with some comments.